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Starting School

 At Central Primary School, we want all children to feel safe, valued and welcomed.


During the summer term, before children start the nursery class, parents and children are invited to special transition sessions, including a parent information meeting and stay and play sessions. These sessions help everyone become more familiar with the school and staff. A home visit will also take place where staff meet children in an environment that the children are already familiar with. 

Initially, the children will enter the nursery as part of a staggered start. This is where children will start in small groups and attend on a part-time basis building up to full-time. All children will attend nursery full time by the end of the first two weeks of term. 


In the summer term, before the children transfer to Reception, they are familiarised with Reception routines and staff to ensure a smooth transition. Parents are invited to transition meetings to learn more about starting Reception, and key information is shared. Both children and parents have the opportunity to attend a Stay and Play session to get to know their new learning environment. Children attending our nursery class will visit the Reception classes for Skills Sessions (Playing to Learn) throughout the summer term. Home visits will take place for children who are new to our school. 


Whether your child is starting Nursery or Reception, it would be helpful if they could do the following:

  1. Dress and undress.
  2. Remove outdoor things and hang them on a peg.
  3. Use a knife and fork.
  4. Use the toilet properly.
  5. Wash and dry hands efficiently.
  6. Tidy up after using toys, apparatus and books.
  7. Play turn-taking games.

In-year Admissions

 A tour of the school can be arranged prior to your child's start date.  During this tour, your child will be shown where their classroom is and who their teacher will be.  On the first day your child arrives, they will be buddied with a peer who will help them to settle in and learn the routines at Central Primary.

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