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We believe that the purpose of homework is  to:

  • practice and review learning
  • determine children’s understanding of the lesson and/or skills
  • introduce new material to be presented in class
  • provide students with opportunities to apply and integrate skills to new situations or interest areas



A menu of tasks is set two-three times each half term.  Children select two tasks to complete each week and outcomes or photos are uploaded to tapestry by parents.  Tasks are either linked to phonics, number work or topic. Every child is expected to read daily in addition to this and this needs to be recorded in the child’s reading diary by an adult.

 Year 1-6

Homework is set on Google Classroom each week and may need to be either completed online or in the provided homework book. English homework is either writing, reading, phonics, spelling or handwriting tasks.  Maths is either an online, practical or written task.  There is a menu of foundation tasks that are set each half term; the children are expected to choose one activity each week and be prepared to share this orally in class with their peers on a weekly basis. The children need to choose a different foundation subject each week.  Every child is expected to practise their times tables and read daily in addition to the homework set each week. Reading needs to be recorded in the child’s reading diary by an adult or where appropriate the child with an adult’s signature.  

There may be certain times in the school year when there is additional homework as part of targeted revision.  


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